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Top 10 Seller Mistakes

Moody Realty is here to lead you in the right direction when selling your St. Clair County, Alabama or surrounding areas home. As a seller, you need to be aware of a few common mistakes that can turn away a potential buyer.

  1. Not having a well prepared and knowledgeable Realtor - Choose a Realtor who is a professionally trained agent. Ask for their history in terms of selling homes.
  2. Pricing your home out of range - This could discourage potential Purchasers from looking at your home. Your Realtor will have access to comparable properties in your market that have recently sold. Your Realtor should provide you sound advice about pricing your home correctly.
  3. Not giving buyers any incentives - Lowering the price of a home is not the only thing to consider. Providing additional incentives could at least get buyers to come and see the property. Ask your Realtor for ideas.
  4. Not considering a reasonable offer - If you get a low offer, don't turn it away. The buyer may be open for price negotiation and may be open to your counter offer.
  5. No curb appeal - First impressions are critical when selling a home. So make sure that shrubbery is trimmed and toys are picked up from the front yard, etc. Your home needs to be very welcoming from the outside.
  6. Do not lie in advertising - Ever heard of false advertising? Both you and your Realtor need to be truthful about the condition and description of your home.
  7. Not having photos of your home - Your Realtor should take photos of your home to post. Remember, photos are the first thing most buyers see when looking. HAVE PHOTOS available. Look at our article on Seller Staging for more information on preparing your home.
  8. Not making necessary repairs to the home - This can make the buyer feel deceived if you have sold them the home and they found out later that there are problems.
  9. Not being ready and able - Make sure your Realtor has a key or lock box so that buyers and their agents have access to your home. And remember to accommodate requests for showings.
  10. Waiting for the market to "get better" - Homes sell in up and down markets. Waiting may lead to the loss of your money. 

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