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Top 10 Buyer Mistakes

Moody Realty is here to lead you in the right direction when purchasing your home in St. Clair County, Alabama or surrounding areas. As a buyer, you need to be aware of a few common mistakes that can affect you when purchasing a home.

  1. Making an offer and not being prequalified - Being prequalified will make everything in your life easier. A lender will look at your income, down payment, debt, work history, etc., to help determine the price range you can afford. Make this the first step toward home ownership.
  2. Not hiring a knowledgeable real estate professional - Not a good idea. Moody Realty is committed to forming a strong business relationship with you whether it is a home, land, recreational property, investment or commercial property. Any sale can include intricate details and critical decisions. Furthermore, the sale process can be time consuming, effort related, and a difficult task. MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT BY USING AN EXPERIENCED REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONAL.
  3. Limiting your search to open houses, ads or the internet - Contacting your local Moody Realty professional will keep you in-the-know and up-to-date on current listings. Your Realtor will also show you homes at your convenience.
  4. Thinking there is only one perfect home - It is a process of elimination when buying a home. New homes come on the market daily so being open to different styles while still meeting your goals is important.
  5. Not looking toward the future - See yourself in the home after 5 years. Is it a good picture? If not, keep on looking. Purchase a home that will accommodate your changing life.
  6. Skipping a home inspection - Big NO-NO! When you are buying that beautiful home don't try to save money by passing on an inspection. A lot of what an inspector looks for are the things that you do not see.
  7. Not checking out insurance issues - Make sure to purchase enough insurance for the home. Shop around for the best deals that give you the best protection.
  8. Skipping the home warranty plan - A mini version of an insurance plan that protects basic repairs of the home up to one year after closing. The seller may provide this or you may purchase it.  With new construction, ask your builder if they provide a builders warranty.
  9. Not seeing the real and total cost - Talk to your lender, then talk to your Realtor to get an estimate of the total monthly costs involved. If you have a CPA, see what your tax return will look like for the year in which you purchase. At this time mortgage interest is still tax deductible.
  10. Overlooking Due Diligence - List your concerns such as: schools, neighborhoods, noise, and traffic. Not doing your homework can have a negative effect on your purchase.

Moody Realty is here to lead you in the right direction. If you have any questions about getting into a home, call us at 205-640-7671.